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HANNA HI731335N Cuvet Cover (4 pcs, 22mm)

Material: plastic with groove indicator

Specifications: 1 box 4 pieces


Used to cover the cuvette lid when measuring solutions.

Wipe dry before use.

Do not use cracked or dirty lids.

Do not use scratched or old cuvettes, or those with yellowing.

Use the HI731318 cuvette wiping cloth to remove dust, moisture, and fingerprints before measurement.

Rinse with clean water or HI93703-50 cuvette cleaning solution immediately after measurement.

Do not leave the sample in the cuvette for too long as it may cause discoloration, affecting the next measurement.


Store in a dry, cool, room temperature place.

Avoid scratching the cuvette or cracking, breaking, or scratching the lid.

Always use clean cuvettes and lids for each measurement.

For use with:

Turbidity meters

Benchtop spectrophotometers HI833xx series.

Size: 22mm.


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