HANNA HI93714-01 Cyanide Reagents

Range: 0.000 to 0.200 mg / L CN-

Wavelength: 610 nm

Number of measurements: 100 times

Measurement method: Pyridine-Pyrazolone

Methods of preservation

- After use, store the remaining reagent in a dry, room temperature place away from moisture and direct sunlight.

- Do not dilute or add any chemicals to the reagent.

Always use a fresh reagent with each measurement.

- ABSOLUTELY do not reuse or use the residual reagent in the package for measurement.

For measuring machines

- Portable optical machine

 + HI96714

 + HI97714

- HI83399-02 desktop optical machine

- Spectrophotometer HI801-02

Certificate of Analysis (COA): No.


The offer includes

- 100 packs of HI93714C-0 reagent

- 100 packs of HI93714B-0 reagent

- 1 bottle of HI93714A-0 reagent

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